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Legal Zoom Nepal is the best legal service provider of Nepal. In every country there will be lawyer and lawyer but you have to select professional and punctual lawyer to solve your problem in stipulated time under legal framework. we have such quality and we believe in labour, skill and experience. Many people from the world might ask what it the quality of Lawyers of Nepal in Legal zoom and Research Nepal? Our quality is experience, specialization, smart, punctual, professional, hard working and curious in every cases. One international proverb must thing before you choose your lawyer. “A good lawyer knows the law and a great lawyer knows the judges” be focus on law not in people.

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Company Registration in Nepal

Get Legal service and advice for company registration in Nepal with necessary process Company is the legal entity that makes your aim of earning possible through business. To get legal authority anyone must register the company in Company Register office of Nepal. Company as being legal entity that allowed group, individual and team of people […]

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Child Adoption in Nepal

Child Adoption in Nepal is legally assured by law. Adoption a boy and girl legally to make their life happy to anyone interested person can assist by our company. Adoption is also assured in our company code (Muluki Ain). Which legally provide to adopt children inter and intra Nepal. Legal Zoom and Research assists those […]

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Marriage Certificate in Nepal

New Court Marriage Law in Nepal

Wedding Tour – the Traditional Nepali Way Definitely, Nepal is rich in ethnicity and as rituals of different culture varies, wedding customs too has diversity. Unique Adventure International has an exceptional wedding tour package for foreign pair keen to wed in a Nepalese system. This package is specially intended for those couples eager to get […]

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Foreign Investment in Nepal

Foreign Investment in Nepal is great opportunity for you. Any individual can promote, start and support business in Nepal for the more earning. Nepal is the member of the World Trade Organization where fair trade and trade with discrimination is secured. Nepal is the environmentally sound country to do business in Nepal. Any citizen can […]

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