Company Registration in Nepal

Get Legal service and advice for company registration in Nepal with necessary process

Company is the legal entity that makes your aim of earning possible through business. To get legal authority anyone must register the company in Company Register office of Nepal. Company as being legal entity that allowed group, individual and team of people to apply as firm as an independent legal organization in Nepal and permit them to produce, sell, service and make benefit. Nepalese legislation recognized company as independent legal person which has right to sue and being sued, secured own property, hire employees and make loan in its own name.

Nepalese citizens as well as foreign people can register any company in Nepal as per their necessity but that should bound by legal criteria of Nepal. Nepalese company has permits any people can register the following company in Nepal.


  1. Private company
  2. One Man company
  3. Public company
  4. Not Profit making company

Legal Zoom and Research is leading legal service provider in Nepal. Having long experience in corporate legal service as well as general litigation, we have lunching website to get help and easy access with us to our valuable clients. We register any types of company like individual business company, private company, and public company and not profit making company, Joint Venture Company and so on. Professional, punctual and perfect is our three Policies that lead our company.

Company Register in Nepal is way of legalizing company according to law in Nepal. Legal Zoom and Research helps your upcoming difficulties in company registration, functioning and operating and dissolution too. We can help you to prepare various documents Memorandum of the company, Article of Association and consensus agreement between stakeholders.

Company Registration Certificate

Altering the capital of the company, change of the office location, Change the name of company, objectives of the company will be easy for you in our presence.

Office of Company Registration Nepal will demand various documents of your company that may difficult to face for you, that also make simple and help to face easily by Legal Zoom and Research, Babarmahal, Kathmandu.

Registration of Trekking, Tour, Travel agency, Insurance company, publications, remittance company, Banks, Finance and individual company, production company, service oriented company, and so on can easily register with our help.

Legal Zoom and Research will provide company related service as follow:

  1. Registration of New Company (Incorporation of company)
  2. Online Company Registration Service
  3. Legal Taxation service
  4. Agreement between parties
  5. Company Dissolution
  6. Change the Name, Address, Objectives of the company
  7. Trademark Registration
  8. Patent Registration
  9. Copyright claim

Procedure of Company Register in Nepal

To register company certain procedure should be followed by the applicant. Company Register office has carry out certain prescribed transaction for certain company, those company who followed the prescribed document to registration they need not prepare the Memorandum of Association.  But other company should espoused the terms and condition prescribed by company register office.

Following documents are necessary to register a company:

  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Article of Association
  3. Copy of citizenship of applicants
  4. Consensus agreement on behalf of private company
  5. Copy of pre-incorporation contract on behalf of public company
  6. Approval of related company if necessary
  7. Certificate of company if that company will be the member of proposed company

Online Company registration in Nepal

Nowadays company registration in Nepal is being easy process and computer based process. You need not necessary to visit time and again to company registration office to register the company. To check the name, to select the name, to purpose the name and to submit the document it is easy and simple process but not necessary to go company register office. Everyone easily do many of the process and follow the step to not only register the company but also to solve other company relation problem, moreover, they can they can work from their office and home. If you need any solution please contact us by phone and email.

Online company registration service is being popular and comfortable for all from registration to dissolution and other process, Legal Zoom and Research Nepal is the best agent that makes your dream live and solve any problem that related to online company registration to normal company solution.

Regarding the company registration you can register any type of company like trekking agency, travel agency, foreign investment, press, production house, money exchange, import, export, language centre, institution, construction office, volunteer service, medicine production house etc. within a single day too. To register a private, public, not-profit distributing company and One-Man Company you have to prepare various documents like Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association etc. Legal Zoom and Research Nepal will help in any company problem you are facing according to company Law of Nepal.

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