Lawyers in Nepal

Legal Zoom and Research Nepal is one of the leading legal firm of culturally diverse and geographically mysterious country Nepal. The firm is lies in Thamel, Kathmandu before hotel Manang. Especially Hindu religious law and religion based law are prevailed in Nepal. That tries to govern the law by sin and religion.  Lawyers of Nepal of Legal Zoom and Research give the various services to their client within the country and all over the world.  Adoption in Nepal, Get married in Nepal, Foreign Investment in Nepal, intellectual property right related issues, company registration in Nepal, foreign company registration in Nepal, banking and financial institution issues, immigration and visa council are the major service that ensure the Legal Zoom and Research Nepal.

Justice for all is the motto of the renounce law firm of Nepal Legal Zoom and Research. Providing various services like document translation in Nepal, notary public in Nepal and litigation in reasonable and affordable fee to its clients is another service made by lawyers of Nepal of Legal Zoom and Research Nepal.  Nepal is democratic republic country which tries to ensure the various rights of the people by listing those in constitution of Nepal. Lawyers of Nepal always try to get the right of their clients under the constitution of Nepal, acts, regulations, rules and other related laws of Nepal.

The top law firm of Nepal Legal Zoom and Research Nepal has affiliated with One American Law office YAGYA LAW ASSOCIATE that lies in California. Nepalese lawyer of Legal Zoom not only deal the cases that related to litigation, company solution, getting married in Nepal or court marriage in Nepal, divorce in Nepal, visa solution of foreigners in Nepal, business legal solution in Nepal, foreign company register in Nepal but also help in Nepal those Nepalese who are facing various problem in USA because of their deputation from Nepal.

Our professional team believes in punctuality, professional and perfect. We have experienced teams who have 30 years long experience in law practice. Not only litigation that is related to family law, property law and criminal law but also foreign company registration and dissolution, adoption in Nepal, marriage and divorce in Nepal, court marriage etc. moreover writ petition too. Our teams have helped to introduce various laws through writ petition and courts introduce it as law. Law office of Nepal Legal Zoom and Research Nepal has also LLM holder lawyer from Nepal and USA also.

Adoption in Nepal under Nepalese law ensures your right to adopt the male/female children in or from Nepal. Any foreign citizen can adopt boy or girls from Nepal that should permit by their country constitution or adoption friendly law. We can give service in domestic adoption as well as inter-country adoption. Nepal adoption program is little bit different then other Asian country because Nepal has different situation, family construction. Legal Zoom and Research is the legal adoption agency of Nepal where you can find adoption process in Nepal, adoption children from Nepal, complete adoption information, adoption legal solution in Nepal service etc.

Nepalese Adoption Law demand you various proof that verify your necessity and interest to adopt Nepalese child. Likewise, the vary Adoption Law of Nepal also restrict those family who are not illegible to adopt girl or boy from Nepal. Law command the foreigners who are interested to adopt orphans from Nepal should have follow the rules and regulation of adoption law of Nepal.

Get married in Nepal

Nepal is culturally diverse country in the world. It has its own culture and tradition in marriage process in Nepal. You can get married in Nepal from court and CDO office too. For court marriage in Nepal you have to wait 31 days and follow the various procedures as well. In Nepal arrange marriage and court marriage are practiced. Regarding the marriage in Nepal domestic citizens need different document and foreigners need different documents.

You need not worry how to get married in Nepal and how can marry with Nepalese Citizen? Lawyers of Nepal will assist you for complete marriage process from Nepal. Marriage overseas in Nepal is easy if you collect all the required documents stipulated by related office. Any foreigners from various countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Japan, Korea, and Hongkong, Philippine can get married in Nepal with Nepalese citizen. For legal process and overall marriage process you can follow Lawyers of Nepal of Legal Zoom and Research Nepal, Kathmandu.

Foreign Investment in Nepal

Company registration in Nepal (Foreign Company and National Company)

Company Registration in Nepal is the process to register any company in Nepal under company registration office Nepal, Tripureshwor. To give permit to do business and make you owner of the legal person and give validity to do Business Company registration in Nepal is authorized institution of Government of Nepal. Company is the legal person that enables you to earn money, to make huge money and justify you as the owner of the company.  You can register any type of small to huge company in company registration office of Nepal Tripureshwor. You can register one Man Company, non-profit making company, public company, foreign company and private company under company registration office of Nepal.  You can register a company without any partners. Company registration process in Nepal is easy and accessible if you take the assistance of lawyer of Nepal. Business lawyers of legal zoom and Research Nepal is the leading legal firm of Nepal that helps you to register any company in Nepal. Within 5 minutes we can select your company name and can register your company in company registration office of Nepal.

If you are going to register new company in Nepal like publication company, trekking company, tour company, travel agency, glossary shop, medical house, cooperative, real state company, money changer company, cow form, educational consultancy, production house, service related company and any business firms you can take our legal assistance. Legal zoom and Research Nepal will help you for complete legal service in Nepal. We have experience company lawyer in Nepal to solve your legal problem in Nepal.  When you make inquiry us for detail information about company registration in Nepal we will give you the list of required documents for register a company in Nepal.