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Legal zoom and Research Nepal is leading law firm of Nepal that helps you in any legal issues from domestic to international level. We Nepalese Lawyers are devoted to our clients from various corner of the world for their legal solution and assistance in family, business, contract and litigation etc. we have 30 years and more experience in legal service in Nepal. We have qualified human resource from Nepal to USA. Our company has providing the best service in lawyering in Nepal specially in business, domestic business legal service, inter-country legal service, investment in Nepal, family law related issues in Nepal, court marriage, post marriage, cultural marriage, divorce and adoption in Nepal. Furthermore, we have more service too they are company registration in Nepal, corporate legal service, joint venture, arbitration and litigation in Nepal, corporate counseling, consultant as well as advocacy.

Foreign direct investment is Nepal is the opportunity for any foreign individual s and organization to invest and expand their business even in Nepal. It permits to invest in huge amounts, to live in Nepal, visit Nepal, any enjoy with Nepalese culture and nature moreover it provide you to earn money from Nepal. Foreign direct investment also opens your door to enlarge your business capacity in Nepal. If you are interested to do business in Nepal you have to register a company in Nepal, likewise, you have another option too that is you can purchase the 49% share capital of any company and invest in Nepal. Invest opportunity is the great for every investor because of reach natural resources of Nepal and abundant possibility to make your investment huge. Except the following area any foreign individual, business man, company and organization can invest in Nepal under the company act of Nepal and foreign investment act of Nepal 2049. Security printing, Real-state, Arms and ammunition, tourism business that has objectives to provide employments to the guides, porters, kitchen masters and other miscellaneous works, poultry farm, fish-keeping, Radioactive materials and broadcasting agencies are not permitted to invest in Nepal.

Court marriage in Nepal

We can give you legal assistance for court marriage in Nepal between two domestic citizen as well as Nepali and foreign citizen. Moreover, we can give you the legal service for two foreign citizens who are intended to marry each other. Legal zoom and Research Nepal has aim to provide fast marriage service, court and post marriage service, inter-country marriage between foreign citizen and Nepalese fiancé in stipulated time under Nepalese law. In three conditions we can completely guide you to get married in Nepal. First,  if you both are Nepalese citizen, second foreign citizen and Nepalese partner and third both foreign citizen. Nepalese marriage law will permit you to marry between male and female after they crossed the age 21. Please make inquiry if you are going to marry cultural marriage, ritual marriage, court marriage and post marriage we legal zoo and Research Nepal will assist you for short, easy and cheap marriage in Nepal.

Adoption in Nepal

In Nepal rare lawyers are aware and can consult about domestic and international adoption in Nepal. Nepalese law permits foreigners to adopt the children from Nepal. Many people are worried about their families and children. Likewise, parents who don’t have children are really frustrated to their life and may have aim to adopt the son and daughter in their life. Nepalese government gives opportunity those parents to adopt the children from Nepal. But they must follow the law, rule and regulation of domestic and international adoption to get child by adoption. People in the world are hurried and really interested to adopt the boy/girl from Nepal. But lack of proper knowledge, complete guidelines, and ample of information and process of adoption in Nepal they are facing many problem and also face various barriers because of wrong procedure and little information and limited guidelines. Legal zoom and Research Nepal is the leading law office of Nepal which can guide you in proper way to adopt children from Nepal. Orphanage children can adopt from Nepal so you are inspired to adopt those children from Nepal for you as well as their better life. Many orphanages home are registered in Nepal for the care of those orphans and street child but they don’t know who can adopt and who can’t so problem will come to the parents while they start the process. Inter-country adoption in Nepal is famous and acceptable to Nepal. As being renounced and professional law firm of Nepal we have long history to facilitate many families from the world who already adopted the children from Nepal. Adoption law has changed after the people revolution 2007 and now new adoption policy of Nepal has prevailing. So, for complete adoption legal solution you can follow and email us. We have professional and experienced lawyer in adoption in Nepal.

Company registration in Nepal

Company registration in Nepal is easy and short process if you hire our lawyers in Nepal for the complete process. Generally, register a company in Nepal seems easy and parlance but when you enter into the documentation it will difficult and that makes you confused how, when and where to register a company. Moreover, capital allotment system, share distribution, maintaining the objectives og the company is quite difficult and confused matter to the people. Legal zoom and Research Nepal can suggest you and help you to register your company within the single day too. Likewise our office offers you other services like legal consultant, attorneys and company lawyers for the betterment of your company.

If you are looking good, sound and professional company lawyer in Nepal please you can make inquiry us. Our professional lawyers help you to register Oneman Company, private company, public company and profit not distributing company. Likewise, we can help you to register a business firm in Nepal. Legal zoom and Research Nepal is for easy company registration, fast company registration and professional legal service in Nepal. Likewise, we offer you professional consultant, company document drafting lawyer, lawyer for registration and consulting for every company action in short and easy and professional manner.