Company Legal Solution Provider in Nepal

Legal Zoom and Research is the Company  Legal solution agent of Nepal that helps to solve your entire legal problem of your company from registration to the dissolution and restoration of the company. It not only gives advice in your problem but also gives the legal solution to go ahead. Regarding the company solution we can help you to register any type of company in Nepal, That may be cooperative, media house registration in Nepal, trekking company, tours company, product based company, service provider company, export-import company, money exchange company, banking company, restaurant, grocery shop, publications, educational institutions, real estate transaction company, foreign investment in Nepal etc. we help you to register the foreign company in Nepal the may be contract office and liaison office. Private company registration, public company registration, non-profit distributing company registration in Nepal, one man company registration in Nepal can also register with our help.

Likewise, share transformation, alteration, changing of the name, location and objectives of the company will assist by our firm Legal Zoom and Research. Periodic report submission of the company to the related institution, preparing the audit report, taxpaying and submission of document to the related office are important services of our company.

Legal Zoom and Research will assist in the following issues under the compnay law of Nepal:

  • Company Registration
  • Change the Company name and location
  • Getting the approval to start the business
  • Taking  pan number
  • Support to prepare other document for company meeting
  • Tax paying
  • Submit the periodic report
  • Renew the company
  • Dissolution of the company
  • Merge of the company
  • Restoration of Company
  • Non-distributing company
  • NGO registration in Nepal
  • Business legal consultant



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