Court Marriage in Nepal

Court Marriage in Nepal is not CDO marriage registration now, that is  legal matter and legally practice from court. For a foreigner or foreign citizen anybody must follow the Nepalese marriage procedure. For legal expert you can follow at 9851020168 or email at For the domestic and international marriage you have to follow certain criteria, rule and regulation which must meet the requirement of Nepalese Government in that vary regard. Nepal Legal Service provides the service for both domestic and international citizens to get married from Nepalese court. To marriage in Nepal CDO office has not authority to issues the marriage certificate to bride-gloom. For domestic marriage the applicant have to follow certain rule and prepare some document which are appropriate for getting court marriage in Nepal. Only court can issues the certificate so, you have to follow the marriage law according to new muluki civil code 2075 and only lawyer can help for court marriage. we can give you the marriage registration service in cheap and affordable price.

Court Marriage between two Nepalese citizens

Our Nepalese law has carry out some provision for domestic marriage as well as inter-country marriage and marriage between two foreign peoples from Nepal, where two Nepalese citizens can get marriage when Central district office certify and awarded by certificate. The normal process for getting marriage certificate takes 16 days. The age bar will be according to Nepalese law. Evidence of Nationality, photographs of the applicant also needed.

Court Marriage between Nepalese and Foreigner

A Nepalese citizen can get married with foreign citizen. Nepalese law has recognized that vary marriage but to get married between them prescribed rule should follow by them. In the inter-country marriage the applicants should wait 16 days to get married certificate from Legal Authority. In the case of Nepalese citizen he/she can submitted his/her identity as unmarried but for foreigners they need to prepare little bit different document. For foreigners court marriage in Nepal needed the unmarried and NO-OBJECTION letter too. The foreigner citizen has right to marry with Nepalese citizen from any district office of Nepal. The age bar for the inter-country marriage is minimum 20 years for both parties. Evidence of Nationality (copy of passport), photographs of the applicant also needed.

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