Foreign Investment in Nepal – Opportunity & Ideas

Do you want to invest in Nepal ? Read the foreign investment policy in Nepal for direct invest in different types of Business Act and industrial enterprises.
Foreign Investment in Nepal is great opportunity for you. Any individual can promote, start and support business in Nepal for the more earning. Nepal is the member of the World Trade Organization where fair trade and trade with discrimination is secured. Nepal is the environmentally sound country to do business in Nepal. Any citizen can invest in Nepal easily and shortly. The government will assure your investment by committing in its laws and regulations. You can invest any business in Nepal.
Nepalese investment policy, foreign investment Act and industrial enterprises Act have been changing and compatible to the world trade organization charter and its norms and values. After the restoration of democracy every people from the world can register foreign company in Nepal and operate the business in Nepal without hesitant. If your aim is to promote your business in Nepal you can invest in Nepal in different area like.

Area of Investment

  • Electricity
  • Hydro power business
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Legal Profession

Nepal adopted an open and liberal policy to pave out the way for the economic and individual development of the people. Not only Nepalese investors but also foreign investors have a best environment to invest in Nepal. According to the government policy private sector has more opportunity to invest in Nepal. Moreover, private sector has the dominant role in the economic development of the country that’s why there is freedom to register foreign company in Nepal, make transaction and earn more by investing foreign capital in Nepal. Likewise, government of Nepal has playing the role as facilitator providing infrastructure and conductive environment for investment in Nepal.
While you will do the business I Nepal, you will guided by “Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act” of Nepal. Act, Regulation and Industrial Enterprises Act, Company Registration Act and Nepal Investment Policy etc are the major laws that guide you company and investment in Nepal.
You might search how investors can invest in the industry in Nepal? Or what are the forms of investment in Nepal?

Form of Investment in Nepal

  • Investment in Equity/Share
  • Reinvestment of earning from existing investment
  • Investment made in form of loan or loan facilities

I am Interested to invest in Nepal at that time What documents are needed to start business in Nepal?

Project Report
Joint Venture Agreement
Copy of Passport
Copy of visa
Bank Credibility Certificate
Power of Attorney

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