Foreigner Marriage in Nepal

Any foreigner from the world can get married in Nepal. If any foreigner has the Nepali partner he/she can get married under marriage law of Nepal. Simply 16 days is needed to complete the process of court marriage for foreigners in Nepal.

How long time will take to get married between Nepali citizen and foreigner in Nepal?

Marriage law of Nepal has the clear provision that every foreigner must stay 15 days to file the application in Nepal. So, to complete the marriage process 16/17 days is needed.

What are the document list for foreign marriage in Nepal?

  • Unmarried certificate
  • No objection letter
  • Original passport
  • Visa of Nepal

What is the basic marriage for Nepalese citizen?

21 years above citizen can get married in Nepal. This is applicable to all.

Marriage between two foreigners in Nepal

Two foreigners can get married in Nepal. If you have any plan to marry from Nepal you can do it from Nepal. Nepalese marriage law will not have particular provision but you can do marriage.

What are the list of documents for court marriage in Nepal for foreign citizens?

  • Unmarried certificate
  • Objection letter
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Photos

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