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Of course any Indian citizens can open a new company in Nepal. They can do their business as easily as they do in India. Nepal is the best destination for investment for Indian citizens. Nepalese government has special provision for those Indians who is interested to invest small to huge amount in business. If you are seeking to invest in Nepal but thinking about the legal process, lawyers support and setup shortly and easily Legal Zoom and Research Nepal can give you the complete legal service in your business.

Nepal and India are not only neighbor but also trade partner of south Asia. India is the source of foreign investment of Nepal. Nepal-India treaty make possible to register any type of company in Nepal and make the profit for Indian nationals. Small business to large manufacturing company can set up easily and shortly. To open new company in Nepal you can come to Nepal directly with your ID card and passport. Legal zoom and Research Nepal will guide all the necessary documents for the registration of new company in Nepal.

Area of investment for Indians in Nepal you can invest in hydro electricity, telecommunication, banks, insurance, agriculture, trade and service oriented business, manufacturing company, small business, small trade, export and import etc.

What documents are needed?

  • Project Report
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • citizenship/National identity Card
  • Bol-data
  • Financial Credibility Certificate
  • Power of Attorney

Open a company in Nepal is the legalizing the company to do business. You have to follow some rule and regulation and complete the process. Then you will get the license to run the business. To complete all legal procedure legalzoom and Research will help you. If you provide all the necessary documents you can register the company from any country of the world.

You don’t need to visit company registration office; you can apply the registration process just sitting at home. Our law firm will help you to get the license for your business. Normally the process covers preparing the documents, receiving the documents from authorities, preparing MOA and AOA, taking permission from ministry and providing registration certificate from the company registration office etc.


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