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New Company Registration is one of the most important parts which mostly deal by our legal firm LEGAL ZOOM and RESEARCH NEPAL. To solve the various disputes between the people in amicable way and make the claim in court according to law is our job.  If you have any dispute that may be within the family, relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances, you can follow us.

We focus on both civil litigation and criminal litigation. Moreover, in litigation we can deal the file related to

  • Environment issues
  • Land
  • Product liability
  • Intellectual property
  • Personal liability
  • Malpractice
  • Right of people through PIL
  • Real Estate
  • Anti trust

In general sense or in appearance litigation seems simple to handle but in specific, it is vary tough and challenging job for a lawyer.  So, only professional can lead and deal those specific case and can claim against the defendant in the court to provide the justice.

Litigation is long process, normally it has to follow the various decision made by trail court and appellate court. Although is has most effective and famous process not only Nepal but also all over the world.  Please follow us if you have any question, problem, and need help regarding litigation and company solution in Nepal.

1) Register private company

2) One Man company

3) Public company

4) Foreign company

5) Nonprofit distributing company

6) Company Registration Process

7) Documents Required for Company Registration

8) Online Company Registration




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