New Court Marriage Law in Nepal

Wedding Tour – the Traditional Nepali Way

Definitely, Nepal is rich in ethnicity and as rituals of different culture varies, wedding customs too has diversity. Unique Adventure International has an exceptional wedding tour package for foreign pair keen to wed in a Nepalese system. This package is specially intended for those couples eager to get married in Nepalese culture. We have diverse marriage process in Nepal. Normally, Hindu and Buddhist are recurring marriage customs of Nepal. Additionally, Newari marriage practice which is particularly carried out in Kathmandu valley is admired among Newar cultural community. Foreign couple, keen to tie their knot in Nepalese customs, can wish any of them. And, we Legal zoom and Research Nepal is at hand for the entire arrangement.

New Court Marriage Law in Nepal

Types of marriage system in Nepal:

Traditional Hindu Marriages:

According to the Hindu system, once a couple gets married they are tied for seven reincarnations. There is no condition of break up in this marriage practice and in case if any couple gets divorced that is considered as a big offense. Hindu marriage system particularly, is distinctive and loaded with culture which is completed after a long holy process.

This marriage form is being accomplished by Hindu group since very old time. As per to this system, astrologers (Jyotis) settle on a fortunate day which falls in the auspicious months of a year. Normally, dates are selected in between 3rd week of January to 2nd week of March, 3rd week of November to 3rd week of December and Mid-April to Mid-June. Hindu marriage systems are carried out according to the rituals prescribed in Vedas. Vedas are millions of year old sacred scriptures of Hindu faith that is well thought-out to hold the essence of Hinduism. During the ceremonial process, wedding setting is adorned with multicolored flowers and lights. Bride is marvelously made up with red sari much ornaments and decked out net enclosing her head.

The distinctive mark of Hindu marriage is conducted on the earth below a canopy which is structures with holy plants, cereals, threads, and other divine things. Plus, with holy fire at heart which is considered as Bibaha Mandap. The Bridegroom arrives at the bride’s set with a parade (Janti) and tuneful squad may be Panche Baja or Brass Band. Music makes the ritual beautiful and pleasant. The priest advises the wedding couple to perform a range of rituals jointly in the Mandap. The major rite of the ceremonial is Kanyadan meaning handing the bride to groom by her parents. Another, main section of the marriage is Sindurarpan which means offering Red vermillion known as Sindoor on brides’ forehead by groom. After carrying out all the rituals, the bridegroom’s group takes bride to his set. Long-ago, the bride used to be taken away in a wooden box which at the present time, is substituted by cars.

We would suggest concerned couple to opt Pashupatinath Temple, Gujeshwari temple, Balaju Water Garden, Bhadrakali temple or Dakshinkali temple in Kathmandu and Bindhabasini temple in Pokhara to carry out Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Traditional Buddhist Marriages

Buddhist marriage rituals have diverse facet to make a distinction from others. In Nepal, family link from both bride and bridegroom’s side meet together to take part in the ceremony. The Buddhist wedding rituals are planned at monastery. Both bridge and groom put on customary bridal outfits. Lama, similar to Pandit in Hinduism performs all rituals to endorse the marriage. The settings of Monastery are made satisfying by illuminating butter lamps.  Long-established music is played throughout the wedding day. The new generations have begun playing contemporary music and songs to celebrate marriage.

Legal zoom and Research Nepal provides legal support for Buddhist marriage program at Monasteries in and out of Kathmandu Valley like- Namobuddha, Swayambhunath, Kapan, and Boudhanath are more popular.

Court Marriage in Nepal

Except the cultural, ritual and traditional marriage, court marriage also can do in Nepal. Legal zoom and Nepal can give legal support and also assist in marriage process from Nepal for court marriage and register marriage in Nepal. Generally court marriage is famous in Nepal to marriage between Nepalese and foreign citizens. Nepalese laws accept both Inter-country marriage and international marriage. According to marriage registration act of Nepal any citizen from the world can do marriage in Nepal. But to get married in Nepal some documents are necessary and some process must follow as well. Single proved letter, no objection letter or consent letter and valid passport is primary documents for marriage registration in Nepal. Court marriage, registration marriage and ritual marriage are guided by various Nepalese laws like marriage registration act, muliki Ain, and women related law. If you need to register your marriage in Nepal please follow us, our law firm will provide you complete legal service and legal solution.

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