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Legal Zoom and Research Nepal is the best legal service provider of Nepal. In every country there will be lawyer and lawyer but you have to select professional and punctual lawyer to solve your problem in stipulated time under legal framework. we have such quality and we believe in labour, skill and experience. Many people from the world might ask what it the quality of Lawyers of Nepal in Legal zoom and Research Nepal? Our quality is experience, specialization, smart, punctual, professional, hard working and curious in every cases. One international proverb must thing before you choose your lawyer. “A good lawyer knows the law and a great lawyer knows the judges” be focus on law not in people.

Our team is strong to solve any legal problem in commercial issues, dispute, litigation, company registration and operation, court marriage in Nepal, divorce in Nepal, investment in Nepal etc. we are specialized group in the legal profession in Nepal. Commercial, criminal, international and refuse are our main area of practice in Nepal. If anybody is thinking about how to enter in Nepal and who will solve the legal problem, we can do your problem. If you are foreign citizen you can email or call us in our USA office and if you need to talk in Nepal we are here to solve your problem.

Our 30 years experience is our past that motivates us to go ahead and the happiness of your client from the world is our happiness and credit too. we strongly deal on the behalf of our clients justice and always step ahead for their betterment under the Nepalese law. In our long history we are really credited with our clients who believe us and handover their problem to us. Moreover, we need more feedback in our profession. Some people from various corner of the world really appreciated us in various mode for legal service in Nepal and also hopeful the same and need to continue for your service in Nepal.

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